What is Database Management System?

What is Database Management System?

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What is a Database?

A collection of information in some organized form is known as Database.

What is Information?

Information is data or a collection of data that has some meaning.

What is Data?

Data is the smallest unit of information.  

What is DBMS?

It Stands for DataBase Management System. It is a software by using which you can install the database application and manage the data on your computer. 

Example of Databases:

  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • My SQL
  • MS SQL
  • DB2
  • Sybase
  • MS Access

Before Database applications, the information was managed by putting them in simple/flat-file like text files, excel files, etc.

Limitations of using a file-based approach:

  1. Security: It would be a problem if the text file falls in the wrong hands.
  2. Management: Updating, deleting, searching or accessing the information in a large text file will be a huge problem. If the information will be available in multiple files you cannot establish the relationship between two files to manage the whole information. To solve the problems with the simple file DBMS has introduced.
  3. Data Redundancy: It's very hard to prevent data from getting duplicated in a flat-file based approach.


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